Monday, August 1, 2011

week ending 7.31.11

 Hey everyone,
How are you all doing? I am really good, the week we had was really good! We had 5 investigators that went to church and they are all progressing towards a baptism. The Aguilar Family are doing really well, the dad doesn't want anything but that's okay for now, he will see the change in the life of his family and we will see after. But the mom and daughters are really excited for their baptism.
 The other people that we are working with are Victor and Javiera they are brother and sister and their mom likes that we are teaching her kids and she wants to see how the church is.
Francisco is a young man that is 15 years old and he is looking for a church to join and he has prayed and feels that Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God. He is going to make a lot of friends in the church I am really excited for him!
 So today a couple of us are going to have a BQ and we are going to fly Chilean kites and play ping pong! I am really excited to eat some meat baby haha. 
I am doing good and I am really excited for this week that is to come! I love you all and we will be talking!
Elder Christensen

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