Monday, July 25, 2011

week ending 7.24.11

Hey everyone,
This week we had a lot of good things happen to us. We have been working so hard and this week - for the first time in a long time - a family accepted a date to be baptized on the 14th of August.  They told us that they are really excited for that day. It's the Agilar Family - Victor (dad), Fresia (mom), Maria José and Jenifer (daughters). They are so amazing!  Please put the dad in your prayers because he is trying to quit some addictions - thanks, that would be sweet.
 Yesterday we made them breakfast.  I made pancakes as you can see in the photos i sent you all. They turned out really good and they loved them so that was good! the only bad part was that the Jenifer got sick during church so I wont be making pancakes for anyone here soon haha. But they are really excited to be baptized and I am really happy for them.
 Also, we had 2 young kids come to church with us, Victor and Javiera they are really special. Their parents couldn't make it to church but they want to go to church next week. Their mom Gloria is so happy all the time and she wants her kids to go to church and learn more. I have a lot of respect for her because her husband works far away and she is home alone all week long with 5 kids. If you could put her in your prayers and her family that would be sweet! Thanks.
So I have been learning about the importance of being able to say no to things that we shouldn't do. It's a lot easier to say yes and just do it but its not what we should do. I know that I have changed a lot during these last 2 years haha. Also, I have a talk on Sunday about the Atonement, and I am going to kick some butt but with a lot of love. I have learned to love giving talks now, I love sharing what I know and I have gotten good at it.
I invite all of you to keep working on the things that God wants you to do, like prayers and reading, for a start. Well, I love all of you and I hope all goes the way you want this week! Have a good week.
Elder Christensen

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