Monday, July 18, 2011

week ending 7.17.11

Hey everyone,
This week was a great week, even though we had a lot of rain and I got all wet - I lived and didn't get sick. haha. The best part of it all is that we had 5 people come to church with us and 3 of them were able to stay for the whole thing and they loved it! Their names are Fresia(mom), Maria Jose(daughter), Jenifer(daughter). They are amazing. We are going to be working a lot with them and I would love if you all could put them in your prayers so they can accept to be baptized and that satan won't have power over them. And that their dad's heart will open up to the message. Thanks.
 The others that went to church were Margarita and Gisela. They are sisters that are super amazing. Gisela is 21 years old and was really excited to go to church and she went with a dress! That was sweet! I can see her going on a mission and doing a lot of good so pray for her as well please! 
Last night we had changes, well we didn't have changes, but the meaning of that is that I will be ending my mission with Elder Maigua. Yup, that's right, I am on my last change(6 weeks). More than that, I am working really hard I need to complete my mission goals and I am really close to doing it! I am really happy that I was able to stay here to work with the people that we are working with.
I have a example of a young man that is amazing! His name is Isreal, he has 18 years old and will be going on the mission and he likes going out with us. Last night the Chilean soccer team played in the Cup of America and he loves soccer but he went out with us to work and we had a lot of success. Some one turned on the TV while we were in the house and instead of staying, he was like, "let's go Elders," and got us out of there. I love that kid! I am so happy that I have the oppertunity to get to know him and work with him! And another time while we were working everything we had planned was falling through and he was like, "don't get down Elders - we are going to find someone!" And at 9 at night someone let us in and when we left the house he ran and jumped on us and was like, " that was worth it!" He is amazing!
That's all i got for this week! Have a good week and thanks for reading and to the people that wrote me! Love you all!
Elder Christensen
{with Elder Brunt}

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