Monday, July 11, 2011

week ending 7.10.11

Hey everyone!
We went to the church really early this morning and we had a ping pong turny and it was really fun! 
It was sweet that I took 3rd, although I should have taken first but I sucked it up at the end! 
I made the bracket and it worked out good and it was fun doing it. 
This week was a tough week. We had at least 4 to 6 appointments every day and about 25 in the whole week and how many of them were home?  None. It was a test,but in the end we could enter into some houses and talk to people and find 8 new people to teach! Here in the sector we have been able to find a lot of people but we haven't had anyone that has been able to progress and it's a test for me. So if you could put that in your prayers that we can help some people go to church and progress towards a baptism that would be so amazing! Thanks.
Oh, for everyone I have something I would like that you all could do for me and that would be don't talk about how much time I have and things that you want to do with me and stuff like that - unless its really important because I have been having a hard time keeping my mind straight and it would help me a lot. Thank you so much for you help!
So this week The Cup of America, a soccer tourny here in South America is going on and when Chile plays no one wants anything to do with us. Sometimes the people get really mad when we pass by, but it's funny how crazy they are about soccer. But it's cool at the same time how dedicated they are to something.
The names of the people we have found this week are Elizabeth, a young girl that is really amazing because she has her way to do things and doesn't care what others say. Angel and Hernan, brothers that don't have a religion but have a lot of info about a lot of things that are really different. Fresia, Maria Jose, and Jenifer: they are a family and are really excited to learn more. And finally, Margarita and Gisela; sisters that want to follow Christ and they let us in at the very last hour of the week so it was sweet!

Well, there is my week for you all! Have a good week and talk to you later!
Elder Christensen

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