Monday, January 17, 2011

week ending 1.16.11

Hey everyone!

This week was a fast one, it feels like I was just on this dang computer yesterday writing the last dang email to you all. haha. Well, let's see what I can talk about this week. well..........................
..................... Danilo and Violeta when to church and are loving it, and on top of that they accepted to be baptized on the 30th of this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, man I was so pumped when they said yes!  I never thought that I would be happier then hitting a grand slam but I found it.  It's helping the people of the world (in this moment the people of Chile.) receive the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Man, I wish I could let you know what that feeling is like but I don't have the words to do in an email so you will have to wait to the end of my mission. haha. So they went on a trip and didn't read one dang thing but they prayed the whole time so I was like, oh man, they aren't very good with reading............... I was wrong!  They got here and started to read and I was like yessssssssss. It was so great and it's nice that they are both 22 years old. We get along so well.  I didn't go one time and I made the mistake of telling them my name =( and Danilo was like what is Jackson?  It's funny because all the people in the USA know me by McKade but all people here in Chile know me by Jackson. So its fun haha. But if you could put this family in your prayers that they can keep reading, praying, and going to church so they can make it to their baptism that would be super great!
So something that is going on here in Colina, there is a stage outside of the city hall and there are all kinds of things going on like plays, bands, classical music, etc. But the bad thing is that we can't go because its during the time we have to work and today we have to start working at 7 and that's when it starts so yah. haha. But there are members that are playing in it and that is sweet. It looks really cool. What else?  It's about 100 degrees here, "I am bakin' like a tosted chesse-it! It's so hot here!" (what movie?) I have to put on sunscreen. I know its crazy - me, Elder Christensen, putting on sunscreen. It's so hot and the sun seems a little bit stronger here than it is in Utah........... I will be glad when it's cold again!  At least I can get away from the cold - the heat there is nowhere to run.
Well thanks for reading my email of the week. I hoped you liked it. Have a good week and I love you all!

Elder Christensen
The haircut that I did myself!!!!  good or bad?

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