Monday, January 10, 2011

week ending 1.9.11

 Hey everyone,

Something amazing happened to us this week!  We were working hard and we were talking to a family that has been going to church for a long time but they live together so they can't get baptized.  We are always trying to help them so they can make the decision to get married. This week they told us that they are going to be getting married as soon as it is possible so we were really happy to hear this.  Their names are Cesar, Maritza, and Bastian, they are great!  Please add them in your prayers so they can get more help with the plans.  Thanks.

We did service for them and the photo with the hats is the first day we did service for them.  During this service we ran into about 8 spiders that are so big and they are the most dangerous and the fastest and craziest spiders I have ever seen.  If they bite you, you can: 1) die or 2) get a shot and you have a hole where it bit you. haha.  But I am really careful when we are dealing with these spiders.  I was carrying a sword and cutting them in half or smashing them from a long ways away.  And it doesn't help that I hate spiders so this makes it really fun! haha. But we cleared out their house and tore it down. haha.  It was really fun and I have videos of the spiders and stuff so when I get home ask me to see them. haha.

I am learning that I have to learn how to act on my decisions so that I can change for the good and help others, because lately I have been backing out on something that I need to do.  But I am learning so much and I am going to be changing that this week. The thing that helped me is that I read in James chapter 2 it talks about faith and it says this, without works our faith is dead.  So I was like, oh man my faith is getting kicked hard so I have to change something.  So when I feel like I need to do something I am just going to do it so I can learn just to do the things that I know are right and the things that the Holy Ghost tells me to do.  I know life is hard but the Gospel is easy to live.  I love you all and thanks for all the support you have given me.  Have a good week and I'll be talking to you next week.

Elder Christensen

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