Monday, January 24, 2011

week ending 1.23.11

Hey everyone,

Well this week was a good one!  We made a lot of progress this week and I have been really happy with what I am learning with Elder Mendez.  He is a funny kid and always is smiling. haha. So the good news is that the family that we have been teaching has plans to get baptized this coming weekend and I am so pumped for them! They are such good people and they are like, "you guys are our family" but sometimes I don't know if they really understand that we can't do a lot of things - but it's all good. haha. Well, they will be getting a remission of their sins this weekend and we are helping them make plans to go to the temple when the time comes. So when that happens I will be coming back here.  Anyone that wants to come, feel free to join me (with your own money haha).

So we have lost all of our other investigators that we had, but this week we are going to work really hard to get some more. So a thing you can do for me is pray that we find some more people this week. thanks. =)

I have been learning a lot about goals and desires, so I have been thinking a lot about my goals and my desires. I have a lot of goals but are they really my desires?  I found out no. When you have a desire you do all you can to complete it, like in the mission, you will make a goal, present it before God and then make the plans and present those too.  Then you will always be thinking of that desire and pray everyday about it and to all you can do to complete it.  Like my desire number one is to baptize and baptize, so I have to make a goal and then a plan and do everything I can to complete it.  Even when I am just dragging, I have to get up and put on that happy face on and do it because I want to. A desire is something that we want to do. I know that we all have desires but I want you to look at them and really think, "Do I do everything I can to complete that goal?" "Did I make that goal and not do anything?" "How bad do I want to do that (thing)?" I know that this will help you all out because it helped me out!

I love you all and thanks for all you do to help me! Have a good week!

Elder Christensen

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