Monday, December 6, 2010

week ending 12.5.10

Hey everyone,
Well, this week was a tough one for us - but we fought through it and we ended up kicking butt. We completed a lot of the goals we had. I feel so blessed when we get to help the children of God and share a message that can change their lives. So we are doing ore best to find new people to keep helping the branch and doing all we can for the members in the branch. I learned a little more about love this last week, I was reading in Ether Chapter 12 - I think verses 33 and 34, it talks about love and charity. I keep gaining a big testimony of the principle (love), without it I wouldn't be anything.
I have a really funny story for you guys! I was riding on my bike and to let you know this bike has been welded together. lol. Well, I just fixed it on Saturday and it cost a good amount of money. That night I was riding a little fast and all the sudden the bike broke in half! My legs got all tangled up in the bike and I was sure I was going to eat the ground but I was helped by something, (angles), and I landed on my feet. This is the second bike crash that I have been in and both of them I landed on my feet and walked away so I am doing good. But it was just funny that it happened and I am fine - just thought I would tell a funny story. haha.
So we got a Christmas tree from a family that we are teaching, (Elizabeth and her daughter darling). We bought lights and I put the silly rubber bands I got from Mandy on it so it's a sweet 2 or 3 foot tree. I will be having a fun time with that tree, I hope Santa brings some gifts to put under the tree! haha.
I am going to be going now so I will talk to you next week! Have a good week everyone!
Elder Christensen!

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