Monday, December 13, 2010

week ending 12.12.10

 Hey Everyone,

So this week I have learned something that I wish I learned a long time ago. It's about the way of praying. So I have always prayed but nothing really came of it, I was just doing it to do it and stuff, but I learned something really valuable. Well there are a couple of things you need to understand about prayer, the praying is work, it's not easy. When you get home and you are beat in to the ground and it's time to pray its going to be tough but you have to fight to pray. The other thing we need to learn is the nature of God. When we understand that it will be easy to pray to Him and we will want to pray to Him. And another thing is we need to understand that we are going to be receiving revelation during our prayers so we need to have a pen, paper, and a flash light. Why would God give you revelation if your not going to remember it or use it - so we need to be ready to write it down and all. I have a testimony of this, I have learned and started to pray and not complete and I have been receiving a lot of help and revelation. So I invite all to learn and put this in practice.

So about our week, we have been finding and dropping a lot of people. We have been working hard but we have a lot of work to do. We are working with the members more and still trying to work in the streets just as hard! And I have been feeling the pain in my legs. haha. Well, that's all I have this week for ya, sorry that its short!

Love you all and thanks for your help. If you could throw my companion and I in your prayers so we can find a family that would be sweet! Thanks.

Elder Christensen

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