Monday, December 20, 2010

week ending 12.19.10

Hey Everyone,

Well today was a sad but a happy day! I got a new companion and he is from Mexico.  His name is Elder Mendez. He is really funny and I think we will get along just fine. haha. So we got together around 1:30 today and its only 3:45 here and we already have been making jokes and stuff. I hope he can help me loosen up a little, I have been really stressed with the work but the work always goes on and we will see fruits here soon.

Yesterday we went to see a family that we contacted in the street and when we got there they let us in and we started to teach them and they were just sucking it all up, it was sweet! haha. They were so excited and they are going to pray about Joseph Smith and they said they want to get baptized! And we will be doing everything to help them, they will be going on a trip here soon but that wont stop us. haha. Their names are Danelo (dad,22), Violeta (mom,22), Ben (son,almost 2). They are awesome.

So something I learned this week is that I need to learn more about love with patience. When I lose one of these things it's all downhill from there.  So if anyone has a thought or anything to help a poor missionary out I would love for your help. One thing that I learned is that the prayers helps out so much in any situation that you are in, even when you lose your patience. But the thing that we need to do to have love and be patient is have the Holy Ghost, and how do we get that? We are obedient. So almost everything comes down to being obedient.

Thanks to all that wrote me and i hope that everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you all and have a great Christmas!

Elder Christensen

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