Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

Hello Everyone!
My Christmas was just great!  I spent the 24th with a family that is amazing.  I am going to have photos of them to show you. Enzo the dad, Maria the mom, and Maxi and Seba their 2 sons. They are so cute, we got to help Santa Claus and bring out the toys for the boys while they went and looked for him outside. Because in Chile Santa comes at night on Christmas Eve at 12:00. It was so sweet to see the look on the faces of the little kids when they saw their new toys!
Then on the 25th I got to call my mom and family! It was great! It's crazy to hear the voices of my mom and of my family members, sorry family haha. But it was nice. We spent the day with the Alomia family, they are from the USA and they made a Christmas lunch which was just great! haha And I got 2 ties from them and they are so sweet! haha.
So to tell you a little about Colina, well it's up around 98 degrees and its just cookin me everyday! I wear sunscreen and it still kicks my butt but what can you do? ummmmmmm go out and work for the Lord with all your heart, mind, might, strength, and will. When I do that I don't even feel the heat I don't think about the house I just work and work and love it and love it! haha. I love this work, I love Colina, it's a small little town and we have about 5 smaller towns that we have to ride bikes to.  It takes about 20 to 45 minutes.  The one that is far away - we haven't gone if we go we will be taking a bus! haha.
Well, that's my week and I just want to say Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Here comes 2011! One year until the world ends in 2012 haha NOT! Well, have a good week everyone! Peace and love!
Elder Christensen

{Christmas eve with an amazing family}

{Elder Christensen & Elder Mendez at the mission home Christmas dinner}
{the yard he sat in as he was talking to family on Christmas day}
{Jessica sent a Christmas gift to this beautiful girl in Chile}
{pumpkin pie MK made for Christmas dinner}

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