Monday, November 29, 2010

week ending 11.28.10

Hey everyone,

Well this week has been a good one and a rough one for me.  But I have learned a lot about myself and the meaning of "thank you". Even if you are having a hard time there is always something to be thankful for and show someone that you love them. Like in these 3 photos, these are the 3 people I live with and I love them all - even when they bug me. haha. It doesn't happen a lot. For Thanksgiving we ate noddles with salsa and meat. And at night we made pancakes with chocolate chips, brownies in the microwave, shakes in the blender and all that good stuff. So I am guessing it's not anything like the Thanksgiving you all had - but it was a fun one.

So this week we were on a mission to find some new people to teach and we found some!  One is a family of 3. They are so great and I love them already!  Juan, Verginia, and Constanza. They are looking for something to help them have more faith. We have been helping them and they have loved talking to us. So if you can put them in your prayers so that they can open up their hearts more and keep listening to us so they can progress. Thanks.

So on Sunday something really cool happened! We had lunch with a family that's from Utah. The husband is working down here and they live in a part of my sector that is really nice, really nice! haha. They made us a lunch that was so good - the salad from Cafe Rio. Oh man it was so good, they had the green sauce and sweet pork. Oh man it was the best thing that has touched my mouth! And we played with their kids that speak both Spanish and English. Elder Poole was so happy, he is new and he was like "I can have a conversation." haha - he is funny.

Well, thanks for everything that you do for me and the love you send my way.  Have a good week.

Elder Christensen

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