Monday, November 22, 2010

week ending 11.21.10

Hey everyone,

Well I just want to say thank you everyone! I am so grateful for all the support you have given me throughout my mission. Thanks. And I hope that Thanksgiving goes well for all of you!!!!!

This week was super-great, we had a conference with Elder Corbridge from the 70. He talked to us about the Holy Ghost and a lot of other stuff. There was one thing that I really liked a lot and it was this: "the gospel isn't hard, going to church isn't hard, the only thing that is hard is life." I have to agree with him, the world makes all of it hard, the world tell us that being obedient to the Word of Wisdom is lame but the truth is that it's cool to do it.

Because what are some of the blessings for following it?
•protection from evil
And the down sides of not living the Word of Wisdom:
•loss of free agency (needing to smoke, drink, take drugs)
•loss of money
•bad health
•loss of mind control

I am going to have to say that living the gospel and the commandments are a lot better than not. And the other blessing we get from living it is going to the Celestial Kingdom. Who doesn't want to go there?  It's full of happiness and joy - who doesn't want that? Once again, I say living the gospel isn't hard - it's a blessing. The Word of Wisdom was only a example. We need to be thankful that we have the gospel in our lives, and all the people that have given their lives so we can have it and live it. Starting with Jesus Christ, he gave his life so that we could live the gospel and be saved. And Joseph Smith, who fought to restore the gospel in our days so we can have all the blessing of the gospel. There is a lot more - but there is a lot of thanks we owe all the people that sacrifice to bring the gospel to the world. (okay when I started to write this it wasn't my intention to be like, "be thankful for me and the missionaries," it just came out that way - whoops.) I love you all and I am thankful for you all as well! Have a good week!

Elder Christensen

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