Monday, November 1, 2010

week ending 10.31.10

Hey everyone,
Well, it looks like my good friend Josh Bair got home from his mission - that's crazy! 
{Josh Bair returns to Utah from LDS mission in New Jersey}
So this week - what do I have to write about? Well, Sunday we had a baptism of Constanza and it was amazing. She is so happy and is making so many friends in the ward and she loves to go to young womens. I am so happy for her and her family they are so happy now and everything is changing for them. And the computer that I am using dosen't have a place to plug my camera in so you will have to wait until next week to see the photos of her baptism.
Constanza's baptism - photo added to blog 11.8.10
Also we are teaching 2 people, Teresa and Eddy.  They are from Peru and they are so great. They are really receptive to us and they love when we go by. Teresa is the aunt of Eddy and they live close to our house and Teresa is a little sick but she has been getting better ever since we have been going by. I don't know if she really understands why but it's so cool to be able to see the miracles in the lives of the people. So if you could put them in your prayers so they can go to church this Sunday they would love that - and I would too.  haha.
Today in the morning we went on a hike and it kicked my butt. It was a big hill and at the top of it there is a big cross and I never thought that I would ever climb that hill but we did it! It is 91 degress today and it's kicking my butt. haha. I have so many photos and videos from the hike so next week I will send photos of it. And when I was like 200 feet from the top I was like, "I am done. I don't want to climb anymore!" haha. And I started to get dizzy and yes, I took water. haha. But I made it and touched the cross so that's a good story I have now. haha.
Something I learned last week, I was studying the forgiveness and it kicked my butt. haha. I learned a lot about it. I learned that I need to ask for forgiveness before the person can even say that I hurt them. I think it might be a little different but it will help me out on the mission and after the mission. And I know that if we can forgive people for whatever they do we can be a lot happier and have the Holy Ghost with us stronger. I know this is true! Well, have a good week everyone and I will be talking to you next week!
Elder Christensen

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