Monday, October 25, 2010

week ending 10.24.10

{Ivan and his son Gaspar, they are such a cute family}
Hey everyone,

This week went good for us. We had people go to Church and Constanza, Camila´s sister, is going to be baptized this coming Sunday so we are really excited for her. We also have seen some crazy weather here - it goes from being super hot to super cold.
We found a family of like 3 families. haha.  They are from Peru and they are so cool. I talked about them last week when they took the photos of us. haha. Well, 2 of the daughters went to church and they loved it and they have read a part in the Book of Mormon and prayed and they feel good about all of it. I haven't really gotten to know them as well as I would have liked but we are going to, and we'll help them find their answer about the truth that we are teaching them. I love finding people that just take everything in just like they have known it before, that's when you know that they have been prepared for the message.
We have been teaching Constanza a lot - trying to help her get ready and in the same time we are trying to help the mom and dad get married so they can be sealed as a family. Man, by the time I am done helping people get married I will be so good at it, I´ll be ready for after the mission. haha. So Constanza is doing really good, last night we asked the questions that they ask in the interview for baptism and she passed but that was only a practice. The real thing will be this week and after she is all ready to become baptized. So if you could put constanza in your prayers to help her keep praying and progressing, that would be amazing. Thanks.
Something that I have been learning through study and the spirit and other things is the justice. The justice is something that we cannot get away from but someone helped us so we can get help through it. Christ is the only person that could have paid the price to satisfy the demands of the law. But the help from Christ doesn't come free, we need to do our part by living the gospel of Jesus Christ. If we do not live the gospel we have to pay for all our sins to satisfy the justice and that means we cannot live with God or Christ or our families so we need do all we can to live the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I know this is true and I know that we can have happiness through Christ, to have happiness is the purpose of life (2 Nephi 2:25). I love you all and thanks for all your support.  Have a good week and talk to you next week!
Elder Christensen.
{the Palomo family, they wash my clothes every week and they help us out so much. love them}
{the Ramirez family, we made pancakes with them last p-day it was fun.}

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