Monday, October 18, 2010

week ending 10.17.10

 Hey everyone,
Well this week was a butt-kicking week. It was just like getting blessing after blessing! We we started to look up all of our investigators and while we were doing that we passed by like 5 people and they really didn't work out.  But then we came up to one that worked out, it wasn't the person that we were looking for but we found a family from Peru and they are so amazing. We are going to go past their house to teach them this week and help them. But the funny thing was we went in just to say a prayer, because they asked for one - then we told them that we were from the USA and they ran and got their camera. It was funny and the first time that has happened haha. I am happy that I get to have these experiences.
On Sunday we had a baptism, yes that's right Camila got baptized. She was so happy and her sister was so happy and is really excited to be baptized on the 31 of Oct. Maria, the mom, was so happy. But before all that we filled up the font with water that was warm and nice but then something happened. One of the other elders came up to us and said that the water was gone, and that was 20 minutes before the baptism. It took 2 hours to fill the font up with warm water. So we were on panic mode haha. So we brought in a hose and turned on the cold water to fill it up fast. We got it full of water in about 20 minutes, it was sweet. But the down side was that the water was so cold. I felt the cold on my legs for at least 1 hour after the baptism. haha. But I was so happy to be able to baptize Camila and get to know that family and help out the ward that I am in. I have seen so many things happen that I would have never thought would happen, the Lord works in ways that we don't understand some times but they work. We just need to trust in him and all will be good!
 I know that this is the true church of Christ and that the true Gospel of Christ is found in the world today. Thanks to Joseph Smith we have these 2 things that change lives. I am so happy to be so deep into the Gospel of Christ!
I love you all and I am thankful for all the support you give me. Have a good week!
Elder Christensen

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