Monday, October 11, 2010

week ending 10.10.10

 Hey everyone,
This week has been a crazy one, but a really good one. So we have been working really hard with our friend Karl and we were a little scared this week because we went on a road trip for work to the south part of Chile for 3 days so we could see him. The reason why we were nervous better said is because his goal for his baptism was Sunday and we wanted him to be ready. On Friday we finally got to see him and we did the pre-interview and he answered everything really well and we both felt that he was ready.  So we called the zone leaders and planned the interview for Saturday.  He passed the interview(long story short) and on Sunday he was baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he was so happy, I have loved to see the changes he has made in his life. He told us, I am one of those lost sheep and I am coming back to the fold. It was so cool. Oh, the water for the baptism was about 100 degrees, lol but we got it cooled down in like 10 minutes while everyone was waiting for them to get in the water. My bad, I was the one that made it too hot but I didnt know. haha.
And for Camila, she will be baptized the coming Sunday and we are really happy for her. she has been really sick these last couple of days so if you could pray for her health that would be great! Thanks.
Well that's all I got for this week. Thanks for reading and supporting me. Have a good week and I love you all!
Elder Christensen
We found this roll of stickers in the street and we took it home and we didn't know what to do with it so we put it all over us and taking it off sucked. They were high powered and it felt like they were pulling my skin off. But it will be a good memory. haha.

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