Monday, October 4, 2010

week ending 10.3.10

 Hey everyone,
Well this week was super great seeing that we had conference!!!!!!! There were so many things I loved and I learned so much. I am going to talk about some of the talks that I liked.
First, Elder Costa, something cool about him, he came to Chile and talked to us about a month ago so it was weird to hear him talk in English. But I loved how he talked about the prophets and the 14 points of a prophet.  That helped me to better understand what a prophet is and how important it is to have a prophet. The next one was by Pres. Uchtdorf when he talked about slowing down and making sure that you are safe through the hard things and not to speed up to get through the hard times. That helped me out to see that I need to slow down when I am in hard times and make sure that I take care of them slowly and not try to rush the things that need to be taken care of. Another fact, Elder Duncan was the Mission Pres. before I got to this mission. haha. Another one was Elder Gong how he talked about the importance of temple marriage and work. It is a great blessing we have to be able to have these blessings in our lives and we need to take advantage while we can to do these great things. Well that is just some of the things I learned this week, I invite all to read the talks and study them for personal Revelation.
Now about some of the people I am teaching. Karl, he is doing so good he went to conference and loved it. His baptism is planned for this weekend and he still needs a little bit more preparation so if you could put him in your prayers that would be great!
Camila is doing great. We had to push her baptism back so she will be getting baptized the 17 of Oct. Her mom just had a baby and is getting really sick. Her name is Maria, please put her in your prayers so Maria can get better and help her daughter get ready for her baptism.
Carolina and Monserrat, we didn't see them all last week. They were really busy and have been running back and forth from the hospital. It's crazy how Satan tries to attack people I know that they will get over all these things but once again can you put them in your prayers so they can get through these times and come unto to Lord. Thanks.
Well I am out for now but thanks for all you do for me and the love you send me. Have a good week and I hope to hear from you next week.
Elder Christensen
The photos are from a hill called Santa Lucia. It's pretty cool! It's right in the middle of the city and you can see everything from the top tower. So sweet!

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