Monday, September 13, 2010

week ending 9.13.10

Hey everyone,
Well this week we have seen a lot of things happen... from changes in the mission to people telling us that they didn't feel like following any more and then calling us later in the week and saying that they want to keep learning and be baptized. Yes, I was talking about Guillermina, She told us that her heart is closed and doesn't want to follow her answers. It was like taking a 90 mph fastball to the back - it hurt really bad, but I know that she knows that everything is true. I even told her that I know that she knows and she said yes you're right. Thanks to the spirit I could know those things. We left feeling a little down but she gave us a call on Saturday telling us that she wants to keep learning and doing all the stuff. Man, it brought more joy then the pain we felt. It was great!
Let's see, what else happened?  Well, we are teaching a guy from Austria and speaks less Spanish then me and speaks German. He said a prayer in German the other day and it was cool! I could understand a little, I think, but it was cool.  I want to learn how to speak German now. haha. He has a baptism date for the 10 of Oct. So I am really excited for him!
I have been learning more about the importance of being 100% obedient.  Man it really kicks my butt but its so worth it. haha. There are things that I don't understand but I do them anyways because I know that I need to do them to show my love for Christ. There are lots of times that we don't understand why we can't do things or why we have some commandments but they are there to help us and we need to trust in the Lord that he knows best and that he has the way ready for us to complete. I have learned this through putting it to the test and seeing the blessings that comes from being obedient. So be obedient.  haha.
I love you all and I know that this is the true church and there is no other church that can bring the eternal life to men. only the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
Elder Christensen
PS. a guy just came into the internet place selling pens that say I Love Chile and have a flashlight on it for 50 cents or 250 pesos, and yes, I bought it.  haha.

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