Tuesday, September 21, 2010

week ending 9.20.10

Hey everyone,
Well this week was a good week for us!  We had a great time because Chile was in party mode!  haha. They celebrated 200 years of independence so they gave everyone 4 days off of work and all that fun stuff. Our ward had a sweet activity that we went to and the pictures are from the activity - and yes, I had a good time. The one where I have flour all over my face is from a race where we had to spin 20 times then run to a chair and thread a needle and then run to another chair and drink/eat this drink they have here - it's call "mote con huecillos" it's really good.  The next chair had a bowl with water and a spoon that we had to pull out with our mouth then the last chair they had a coin hidden under a pillow of flour and we had to get it out with our mouth and my mouth was full of flour - but on the good side I won! haha. It was super fun.
After the games we went inside to watch a show that they had planned and they had all types of dances from Chile and they were really cool.  I took a lot of pics and videos so it was a good night for my camera.  I want to come back to Chile and learn the dance that they have here and dance them of course.  haha.

 So about the people we are teaching, we have been teaching the guy from Austria still and he is super cool, he prays in German and I have no idea what he is saying - haha. but it's cool, it's fun to teach him and he loves the church and keeps coming to church every Sunday, he will be getting baptized next month. Then we have a family of 4 - a mom and 3 kids (22,15,12).  They are really amazing, they are passing for some tests right now but they are ready to hear the gospel so I am really happy that we found them and have the chance to teach them. We are also teaching a little 9 year old girl - her mom is a member and they want to go to church and this little girl is like a sponge, she just takes everything in and understands everything. That's what you look for on the mission. haha.
Well if you could put Karl, from Austria. Carolina, Carolina, son, Monseratt, the family, and Camila the 9 year old in your prayers it would be great! Thanks.
Love you all - have a good week!
Elder Christensen

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