Monday, August 16, 2010

week ending 8.15.10

Hey eveyone, 
Last night we had changes, but nothing got changed for us so Elder Nielsen and I are here together for another 6 weeks. oh yeah man! haha. I am really pumped for this next change and the things I am going to learn  from it. The last change I learned a lot of things and one of the things I learned that has changed my life is LOVE! I have learned how important love is in our lives.  I have been trying to show my love for all the people I serve and get to know, and I do it by doing service for them, even if it is just a little act. But I know now if I dont have love for what I am doing or for who I am with (companions, wife, kids, family) it's not going to be very fun! I now understand what I need to do to make things work out, forget myself and focus on others and help them through their problems and when I do that they will be happy and I will be happy. Man, what has happened to me? I am growing up and I like it. I never thought i would like growing up and learning all these things but it's cool. It all started with my love for my Savior, if I didn't have that I wouldn't have come here and I wouldn't have grown and learned so much in my life! But it's great and I am loving life.
Well, a little about the family we are teaching, they are doing great! They went to church this last Sunday and are all down with the lessons and are going to be baptized this coming Sunday so we need your help. If you would put them in your prayers - Cristian, Carolina, and Janaby - that would be great. So I was in church and Carolina was sitting next to me and all the little girls in this ward for some reason love me and always wave and smile at me, well, Carolina was like, "man, you have a lot of girlfriends!" I told her it comes with the job! haha, not really, but I thought it. I love this ward and I love Cristian, Carolina, Janaby and Martina they are great!   
Here are some photos for you all to enjoy. Look how skinny I am getting, I have lost almost 15 pounds in the last month. noooooooooooooo! I am going to try and get that back, I came into this sector at 210 and I am down around 195 or so. oh man. =( Well, I am out. Until next week... have a good week!
Love you all!
Elder Christensen 

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