Monday, July 12, 2010

week ending 7.11.10

Hey everyone,
Sorry for not sending a letter the last week, we had changes and I had some medical problems so I didn't have very much time to write so I just wrote to my mom and some other people. But here is the letter for this week. =)
I am going to start talking about my photos, there is one of me and my companion Elder Nielsen. He is from Payson, Utah and he is a great elder and we have been having a lot of fun and working hard. I am excited for these next 5 weeks. There are 2 photos of my house I think one of the kitchen and the other is were we sleep. My bed is the green one, all my blankets are green haha. I sleep with 2 blankets and 2 sweaters, PJ bottoms with sweat-pants. and I still get cold sometimes.  It's hard to find places with central heating, and plus our electricity has been out for the past week so we haven't had hot water all week. So the first 2 days we showered with cold water, well I am a girl so I didn't get all the way in and then the one picture with the pans and cup is how we have been showering. We heat up the water on the stove and then take it in to the bathroom and shower like that. It's really funny but it works really good. I am hopping the mission will pay the bill so we can have light and hot water. haha, but I am happy.
 Well, Elder Nielsen and I are opening a sector, there were sisters in our sector and they took them out and put us in there so we had no idea where anything was. It's was a blast getting around with a crappy old map, but we did it. And then I made a sweet map from the phone book. The part of Santiago that I am in is called Huelen. It's really close to the center of Santiago and it is a big sector. One time we got a address from a member to go visit a member that is less active and it was at the bottom of our sector and when we got to the street, it was like a main street. There were no houses at all and we got a little lost and we walked for at least 45 mins or more. It was a fun little thing that happened to us. But we got it down now so we will be good.
Well, the sisters had the love of every member so when we show up to the door they are like were are my sisters. Oh man I am sorry but they left and now we are here. But now everyone knows that we are there so I hope I don't have to hear that anymore haha. But the sisters had a baptism and we helped the girl get to church and get confirmed so that was amazing to see. All in all my week was great and I am doing really good. Thanks for all your prayers and stuff you do for me. Have a good week and I will talk to you all next week I hope!? hint hint hahaha.
Elder Christensen

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