Monday, June 28, 2010

week ending 6.27.10

Hey everyone,

Well this week was a cool one, all the crazy stuff with the World Cup going on and yeah. But I have lost interest in the World Cup, I could care less who wins and loses - but what can you do when you are in Chile and everyone is going crazy about all this stuff? Hey life is getting better.

So on Sunday one of the 70 came to our Stake Conference to talk and to change up the Stake Presidency so that was really cool. We lost our Bishop so we will be getting a new Bishop. The talk that Elder Amado gave was amazing. It helped me a lot and I learned a lot. He talked a little about how we need to focus on the Lord and if we do that - all the things that make us happy will come. And also about people that get offended by someone in the church and then leave, well he was straightforward and said that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. If we really understood the Atonement of Christ that stuff wouldn't matter to us and we would keep going to church to bring ourselves close to our Heavenly Father. He was great - it was a great Sunday.

Monday we had a BBQ and it was great. Some of the pictures are from it. We had so much meat and it was great because it was free and the family is great. I' havent eaten so much meat in my mission and I think I gained a little weight but then I think I have lost it and am still going down. So I am getting skinny, who would have ever thought that I would become skinny. I didn't - haha.

Last night we helped out the other 2 missionaries in our district have a baptism in our church. We had it at 8 pm. Oh man it was bad planning but we did it and we helped bring Cloudio to our Heavenly Father. its so cool to see all the changes in people and watch someone enter into the water of baptism dirty (its true), but then come out of them clean, oh so clean. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!  That was my sweet week.  Thanks for all the help and prayers. Love you all and have a good week.

Elder Christensen!

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