Monday, June 7, 2010

week ending 6.6.10

Hey everyone,
All I want to say is thanks to all the people that sent me a happy birthday message! MUCHAS GRACIAS!
Well I shared the cake my mom sent me, (mix), with a family, the Troll Family.  They loved the cake and so did I, man I am a good cook haha. My birthday day was pretty good, we worked hard and we made the cake in the night and sang Happy Birthday to each other. (Oh, me and my companion have the same birthday.)  I have a video but it's too big to send so I don't know how I will send it. But on June 2nd a family that loves us called us and told us to hurry to their house and they needed our help - yeah, that was a lie. They had a cake and all this stuff ready for us. They sang happy birthday to us and we ate some cake really fast, but it was really sweet and cool. And then June 5th we had lunch with the Troll family, we made Chilean pizza - it's a little bit different than a pizza in the states.  They sang to us and we ate the cake I made! It was cool.
We also did some service for a family that lives on the 15 floor of a building. Their apartment was a little damaged so we were helping them get it ready to get worked on.  The photos of Santiago are from their apartment. But we had a great time ripping off wall-paper and all that fun stuff. All in all - it was a good week.
Being 20 doesn't feel any different. haha
Peace out,
Elder Christensen

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