Monday, May 31, 2010

week ending 5.30.10

Hey Everyone,
Well I guess this week is a cool but weird week. I can't turn 20, I want to be a teen forever. haha - joke not really. I think it's going to be different, but we will see on Friday. Today we are going to have a party with 2 other missionaries too because today one of them turns 20. So we are going to cook tacos and we bought a cake, (3 leche). Oh I am so pumped to eat that cake.
This morning we did something fun, and I forgot my camera but we woke up at 5:40 to go play soccer. Oh man it was so much fun, and I'm not going to lie - I was doing great. I scored a lot of goals and had some assists. But how we play soccer here is on a really small court.  It's a little bigger then a tennis court and it's called Baby Futbol. Oh it's so much fun, I like it because its really fast moving and everything. Elder Ojeda and I kick butt when we are on at the same time. hahaha.
The photos are of me in the baptismal font, we went to the church and helped the ward clean it up and my job was the font. I was like, this is just like baseball, we clean and get the field ready for a game. Well I was getting the font ready for a baptism, well - once we find someone to baptize, haha.  It's really fun doing things with the members of the wards to get to know them better and to see how much they love the Lord and the sacrifice they are willing to do. I love my job!!
Here are some questions that I am going to use to contact people on the street. I am going to write them down in Spanish and in English:
¿Cree en Cristo y lo acepa como su salvador?
Do you believe in Christ and accept him has your savior?
¿confía tanto en el salvador que acepta su voluntad y quiere hacer cualquier cosa que Él le pida?
Do you trust the the Savior that you accept his will and want to do whatever thing he asks you to do?
¿Tiene tal fe en Cristo que obtiene respuestas a sus oraciones?
Do you have such faith in Christ that you can obtain answers to your prayers?
These questions made me think a lot myself, it's good sometimes to ask yourself questions like this to see where you are at. So read them and think about them is my invitation today.
Thanks for all your help and support. Have a good day and week. 
Elder Christensen

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