Monday, May 24, 2010

week ending 5.23.10

Hey everyone,
Well last night we had changes but we didn't change so Elder Ojeda and I are together again. Oh yeah man (a kid in our ward says that all the time.). And I am excited to work with him again, I feel good about this change.
This week was a tough one for us, Elder Ojeda got sick and we couldn't work. I tried calling every person in our ward and even another secter and I couldn't find anyone that wanted or could work with me. So I sat in my house reading, yes reading for all the people that know me - that is something I didn't do a lot before the mission, because I didn't like it.
But now I love to read and I read like 5 to 6 hours each day, and because of all that reading I got to finish the Book of Mormon in English, yeah it's about time now I am studing all in Spanish. I have put my English books away and am only studing in Spanish . Oh man, now my head will hurt 2 times as much. haha. But I love it, I am trying to only speak Spanish and just forget English, so if I can do it, it will be interesting. =)
I was reading in the Liahona of Feb. 2010 and I read a talk about "what we should do if we don't know what to do" (something like that). And one part that really stuck out to me is when it talked about "not knowing something is not an excuse for not doing it." like some of the rules in the mission or commandments, we might not know why we do them but we do know that we need to do them. Just because we don't know why we do things doesnt make it okay not to do them. So that is going to be my saying now, I hope I can live it.
Read the February 2010 Liahona; click here.
I love you all and thanks for all the help you give me.
Have a good week.
Elder Christensen

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