Monday, March 8, 2010

week ending 3.7.10

Hey everyone,

I was asked to talk about my life in Chile and what it has been like after the earthquake.

Well, my house is like half of a normal house, it has one bathroom, 2 bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and an upstairs that we don't use. In our back yard we have a lemon tree and a grape vine, they are so yummy. All and all, it's a really good house. For breakfast, I eat cereal and milk everyday. For lunch, we eat with members Tuesday through Sunday, Monday we are on our own. And we don't have time for dinner but I eat snacks when there is time. The sister Jenny in my ward washes our clothes, they have really small washers, and they don't have dryers. (well some do but they cost a lot of money and to use them it's a lot of money) so all the clothes are air dried.
How I get around: well, the first way is by my good 2 feet, they haven't let me down yet. If we need to travel inside of San Felipe or a city close to here they have taxis, colectivo (that's Spanish, I don't know what it means in English), and buses. If we need to get to Santiago we use those buses that are huge, they hold 45 people.
There is the run down of my life right now.

It changed a little after the earthquake but not much. We have to be in the house at 8 pm other than at 10 pm. And I lived by candlelight for 3 days which was really fun. The ward and stake here started to get things to send to the south. We opened the doors had tables outside of stores and a table in the center of the city. For 2 days for 3 hours each day we walked around in the center asking for help and trying to get things. It was really cool to see how the people of Chile have come together to help each other out in this time of craziness.

(left to right) Osvaldo, Elder Stark, me, Alvaro. We were putting everything in boxes.

This is where all the stuff was that we had to send to the south

This week we had a lesson that was unreal, the spirit was so strong. It felt like it entered the room like a train and had like 100 cars on it, the air really felt heavier. It was crazy, I haven't felt something that strong since my baptism and when I went through the temple. The lesson was with our investigator David, he was going to be baptized the weekend of the earthquake but he went to the south for the weekend but he was going to make it back for Sunday. Well, as we all know there was the earthquake, and he was in the epicenter so he got hit hard. Let's just say he was scared for his life and still was. But after this lesson he felt so happy and relaxed and before this lesson he wanted to wait another month to get baptized but now he wants to get baptized this weekend, so please add him in your prayers. He is a 20 year old kid that has learned to love the gospel and wants to progress in the church.

Thank you so much for all you do for me and the people that I am working with. I love you all I hope you all have a good week.

Oh, and yes, I am still feeling small earthquakes - but really small ones.

Elder Christensen
left to right) Cristian, Ben, me, Nacho. These 3 boys are so amazing and so funny.

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