Monday, March 1, 2010

Experiencing the Earthquake

Hey everyone,

Okay this weekend has been crazy here. We really haven't done any work. We were told to stay in our houses all day Saturday, that was super boring. But I will tell you the story of the earthquake.

It was at 3:30 in the morning and I was asleep and I felt my bed shaking so I woke up and I just thought it was another small earthquake because we have had a lot of little ones. I have been in like 2 okay size earthquakes and then this one that was really big. Well, I yelled at my companion and after he woke up it wasn't shaking really bad and then like 10 seconds later it went nuts. I jumped out of my bed to get somewhere and then my companion yelled "let's get outside", I wasn't thinking, I was just freaking out! And on top of that, I couldn't find my keys so I was running around my house during the earthquake. Man, I haven't heard anything so loud in my life. After that we didn't have any light so we found our flashlights. And we still don't have electricity in our house - so we are living off candles and it's pretty fun. It's not that bad. The damage to my city of San Felipe is like nothing, there were some buildings in the center that had damage and that's it, and a lot of people don't have electricity.

Well, after the big one hit 3 minutes later another one hit and it was a little smaller but it shook my house a lot. All through the night we had little after shocks and at 7:30, when we need to wake up, another small one hit that shook the house. Everything is good and we are going to get back to work tomorrow.

Something cool happened the day of the earthquake, we had a baptism! Oh yeah! It was Mauricio! And then on Sunday he got the Holy Ghost, so it was a good weekend overall.

I just want to go down south and help everyone down there. I feel like I could do so much good and help people.

My health is good and I am happy, so you don't have anything to worry about. Thanks for all the love and prayers, I know they help me out so much. I love you all!

Love Elder Christensen.

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