Monday, February 8, 2010

week ending 2.7.10

Hey everyone,

Well, this photo is of me and Elder Stark doing some service for a family. We ripped grass out of this garden for 2 and a half hours it was really fun. Not only did we destroy the ground, we dug up onions and ate them. The first one we ate was so sweet and tasty but after that they tasted bad. The lady that lived there could smell us really bad, I just laughed. It was a good time.

This photo is of Luisa and us being little kids, it was really fun. Luisa got the Holy Ghost this week and she started to cry after she got it. I can't believe the change she has made. She went from having no spirit at all to just glowing with the spirit. I can't wait for her to grow strong in the church.

This photo is a really funny one. Yes, my toe looks really bad. But I am all good. Well, the story behind my toe: I was on changes with the zone leaders and we were on bikes. Yes, when I get on a bike on my mission in Chile, something is going to happen. We were riding to a house and there was a street we need to turn at, but I didn't know, and my companion was on the outside of me.
So when he turned, he turned right in front of me and I hit his back tire. He didn't crash but I did. The best part was I jumped off my bike and started to run down the street so I didn't fall. When I landed, my toe slammed into the front of my shoe and broke my toe nail, so there is a lot of blood under it and around it. I talked with the doctors and I am taking good care of it so don't worry. And today we played soccer and I popped it so there isn't any more blood under my toe and it feels so much better. hahaha, that is my funny story for the week.

Yesterday Elder Stark and I had a lesson that was unreal. This lady had so many questions, I don't know how many we answered. Well, she is Jehovah Witness so that explains a lot. The funny thing is she likes our church, but she thinks Jehovah is God, but that is wrong, Jehovah is Jesus. We tried some many different things, but they didn't work. But then we bore our testimonies and it really felt like a wall hit me, i was like what the? After that she had nothing to say, the spirit hit everyone so hard it was crazy.

I know that Jesus Christ lives and that our Heavenly Father lives too. I know that they love us and they want to help and bless all of us. But we need to do out part, read the Book of Mormon, pray everyday, and go to church. And after all that, they can help us. I love doing this work, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. I am so happy!

I love all of you! Have a good week. Talk to you all next week.

Elder Christensen

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