Monday, January 18, 2010

week ending 1.17.10

Hey everyone,

Well today I sent my companion home, yep that's right, my trainer left me so I am getting a new comp today. I am going to miss Elder Davies, he helped me so much and I am glad he was my trainer. chow Elder Davies.

Okay this was a tough week for me and Elder Davies because our investigator, Estefy, decided that she didn't want to get baptized anymore. She loves the church and everything. We spent 4 hours this week with her trying to figure out what happened. She had so many different stories and stuff. But we went to talk with her family and we found out that her sister has been telling her bad things about our church and that she shouldn't get baptized. That was tough for us to hear. We tried to straighten things out with everyone but it didn't work. So that was tough.

Well I have been studying faith. My topic was having faith vs. exercising faith. I learned that they go hand in hand. Because how do we gain faith? By acting on it. There is a scripture somewhere in the bible that says something like this, with out acting on faith, there is no faith. Something like that. lol. But I have learned so much about faith and what I need to do to strengthen my faith.

Well my mission is having some big changes this year. We are not knocking doors as much anymore! yes yes yessssssssss! That made me happy, but we are starting to work with the members more and helping them share the gospel. I have a strong testimony that when members get involved the work moves "with the force of a great typhoon" (yes that is part of the song from Mulan) I love that movie. But I want everyone to share your testimony with someone this week and tell them how much you love this gospel and how much it has helped you. I love this gospel, it has changed my life and it's still changing it.

Well I hope that everyone is having a good week, and having fun because that is what life is all about.

love you all!!
Elder Christensen

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