Monday, January 11, 2010

week ending 1.10.10

Hey everyone,

Sorry about last week the computer was really stupid.

New Years Eve: First off I went to sleep at 11:30 so I really didn't do anything for New Years Eve but I was really sleepy so I wanted to sleep. lol. The best New Years yet.

The day of New Years, we were trying to contact people but lets just say most were sleeping or really drunk. Well, we were walking down this street and we saw a taxi driver helping a drunk guy into his car. The driver asked if we would help him take him somewhere, and we said sure. While in the car the drunk guy opened a beer outside of the car and the beer flowed in to my face. It was pretty gross. And when we got him out, his hands were covered in beer and it got all over Elder Davies. So we went home and washed up a little. It was funny.

This week:

I think most people understand when you lose your cell phone you feel super lost. Well, I lost my planner and it was the same feeling. Right before I lost it I wrote down 10 names and addresses of people that we needed to go see and since I lost my planner so that didn't help too much. lol. But I am using one of my planners from the MTC and it's weird seeing how my days were in the MTC.

This sunday, Alexandra and Daniela got confirmed, yayayayaya. It was a good day, and they were really happy.

Last night we made a movie about cowboys and Indians, because some little kid gave us toys. It was really fun, we only did it because we wanted to make fire!!! hahahaha.

Okay I learned something really awesome this week. We were having lunch with a member and we started talking about persevering to the end. And we started talking about how we shouldn't just persevere to the end, because everyone can do that, we need to magnify to the end!!! I found and shared a scripture that went along with that so well. (jacob 1:19) It is sweet!!! The men that have the priesthood need to do all they can to help out the people in the ward and non-members and the women need to magnify their callings and then help the men. Everyone can do something more every day, we need to stop going through the motions and strive to do more. I know if we do that we will be blessed so much more and we will have so much more happiness. I love this work.

This is the last week of the transfer so next Monday I will have a new companion and maybe a new sector. I will let you know.

love you all,
Elder Christensen

P.S. Where is the love, I only got 3 other emails. I feel so unloved. I love getting emails from everyone!!! wink wink

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