Monday, December 7, 2009

week end 12.6.09

hey everyone,

today is the start of my 2nd change, (a change is every 6 weeks). and i am still in San Felipe. I am so happy i am staying here for another change, because we have so many good investigators up here and i hope have a lot of baptizums this month. oh and it doesn't feel anything like christmas here, seeing that it is 96 degrees plus everyday.
I dont know what i like more dying of heat or frezzzzing, and everyone tells me that it is going to get even hotter here, all i say is "oh great!" but i love it here i am so happy and just loving the mission.

okay so this week was a great week, we found 6 new investigators. and all of them seem like they are ready to hear the gospel i just hope i can tell them about it in a way they can understand.
this sunday was fantastic! holy cow! we got 5 investigators to go to church and we had 2 confirmations. the 2 confirmations were mama parra and the son, the dad had to work. but after church we went and talked with the family and the mom said that she felt so good and happy and she had so much more peace in her life. i could see her light so well, it brought the biggest smile to my face. the son was sleeping the whole time and we made him think when he came down that it was the next day and he really thought it was.

and after church we had a baptism!!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Johnathan got baptized!! after the baptism he couldn't stop smiling, it brought back so many memories of my baptism. and during the baptism i looked at his mom and she started to cry, she told us that she needs to be baptized but she cant right now. i know when she saw her son get baptized that she knew it is was right. once again seeing the change and the happiness the gospel brings to people is amazing!!!

i love you all!!!! have a good week!

elder christensen

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