Monday, December 14, 2009

week end 12.13.09

I just want everyone to know how much I love my GREAT GRANDPA BOB!!!!! I love him so much! I love you grandpa - you have helped me so much and I am so glad I have you in my life!!!!! =)

Okay this week was pretty good!!!
Johnathan got confirmed, and he showed up right after the first song and my companion was going crazy. he kept saying, "please let me have a confirmation that doesn't have troubles" but he got there. Johnathan is such a strong young kid, i am excited for him to grow up in the church and become a strong missionary.
We are teaching 3 girls right now, they are all cousins. But we didn't know that until this Sunday, I was like what, that is sweet. 2 of them live together and the other lives really far away. But all 3 of them are doing really well. The 2 that live in the same house are Alisandra 11, and Daniela 10, their moms are inactive so we are working with them too. All of them are doing well. The other is Estefi 12, a family in the ward introduced us to her and when member families do that the investigators are so much stronger. They are getting baptized this month!

Well I been studying patience this week and I have learned a lot and I am working on my patience this week and I think it is working. And for my Spanish, it has come so far and I can have conversations with people. But I am doing well I am happy, healthy, strong.

I love you all!!!
Elder Christensen

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