Monday, November 30, 2009

week end 11.29.09

hey everyone,

so this week has been a great week! i have been able to speak spanish okay and at least tell people what i want to share, i never thought i could.

Elder Corbrigde of the 70 came to my ward this sunday and shared an amazing testimony and it was like the only thing i understood. he was really nice and he was happy to see the missionaries smiling and happy. it was a cool experience.

this week we had an talent show in the ward that i am in and it was way funny, i have videos of most of the acts and i have video of the things i was in. oh man it was so fun and i had a great time, but it took up 4 hours of one of our days so that really hurt us with the work but i am trying to say its okay lol. i loved it and it was a good stress reliever.
okay the kid (johnathan) we are teaching is doing well. he has come to church 3 times, he is taking out his earrings, and he is reading and praying with his mom. he should be getting baptized this sunday. i am excited for him. his mom is amazing. she wants to get baptized so bad but she can't because like everyone else down here she isn't married to the guy she lives with so we are working on that.

another person we are teaching is David, at the beginning of the week he didn't believe God lived but we had a powerful lesson and the next time we meet with him he told us he had received an answer. he knows God is there, it was so amazing to hear his testimony.

just hearing those small and simple testimonies from investigators or members hit me so hard and i am so thankful for all that i have and all that i know. my testimony grows a little everyday and i am so happy i have the opportunity to share it with people everyday. i love this work so much and i know this is the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints, not the church of the mormons or Joseph Smith or anything else. Jesus is the head of this church and we work and teach and do everything for him, its not for ourselves - its for him! helping others is for him. everything is for him!

i love you all!
elder christensen

scripture: Alma 32: 28

p.s. Viejito Pascuero it how you say santa claus.

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