Monday, November 23, 2009

week end 11.22.09

hey everyone,

it's been a month and i am loving the mission, i am working hard and having fun. but this week was a little tough, because we worked really hard and didn't find anyone new to teach but our investigator, Johnathan came to church and he took out his earring so he is getting ready for his baptizum on the 6th of dec. yessssssssss!

okay, this week has been a crazy one, and the only things i am going to tell you about are some of the fun and crazy stuff that happened this week.
a group of girls at an all-girl catholic school did a project on the LDS church and they invited us to come help them, and they also asked us questions. okay, only being here 3 weeks and being in a class room full of girls speaking really fast didn't help at all. i didn't say one word, but i understood some of the questions. they asked a lot of questions about dating and marriage and why can't the missionaries greet girls? (in chile they greet people of the opposite sex by kissing the cheek) and we told them we are missionaries and we need to focus on the lords work. it was a good time.

we had the mission conference, we had to travel 2 hours in a little bus/van thing and it was the worst. we made it fun and i slept the whole way there, since we had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning. blah. but i learned so much at the conference i loved it.

okay i don't think i should share this next thing but i will anyway because i knew it was going to happen sooner or later. we were walking down the street and i got attacked by a dog. it was pretty nuts, it went after my leg but i am as fast as lighting so it just got my pants and ripped a hole in them, and then i pushed it back and picked up a rock and it ran away. i just laughed and smiled and Elder Davies said i am sorry and i was like - whatever it's funny.

that's how my week was and i hope everyone's week was as fun as mine. i love you all so much. have a good week.

elder christensen

quote -
i have no idea who said it but its great:
"our emotions let us feel what we want to feel, but the Holy Ghost lets us feel what we need to feel"

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