Tuesday, November 17, 2009

week end 11.15.09

okay this week was great!

i went on a division with a elder quispe from Peru and he is so funny. it is a biking mission and i was ridding through the middle of farms and almost took out a cow, man he was lucky he got out of my way. i also rode through about 30 goats, man i was thinking what in the world is going on. and where in the world am i? but just riding through the country side was so cool and pretty. there are farms that go up the side of mountains and i was thinking what in the world are they thinking, its a mountain for crying out loud. lol. but we were teaching a lesson and there was a cat next to me and i looked over near the end of the lesson and the cat had given birth right next to me on this sofa, i was stunned. lol. and the ride home through the fields at night with a little light on the front of my bike was a little crazy. but it was fun. and i had to speak spanish because he didn't really speak english but he would try and it was funny to hear him try to speak english. that was my fun day.

nothing really cool happened besides that we walked for about 3 hours straight getting out to one area of our mission and tracting and walking back, it was the hardest thing ever, but my feet felt great which was a plus.

nothing too fun happened just worked hard.

same as thurs. just worked hard and had a good time.

i went on another division and the elders name is Hoyos he is from Colombia. he is one of the zone leaders in my zone. he is a great guy, i was making him laugh so hard. but we worked so hard! the sector that he is in goes from san felipe to argentina, it is so big and we don't have bikes. but we went to a part that is full of flites (gangsters) but nothing happened lol. this little place is were the jail is at and it is a pretty poor area but we talked to a lady that got baptized on sunday as well, she is an amazing lady, and her daughter can play the digeri doo, well i don't know how to spell it but the thing from australia. after that we got in a taxi, okay there are so many taxis and buses here it is nuts, they cost about 600 pesos for one person and that is 1.20 dollars and it doesn't matter how far. but we traveled for 15 mins and it was weird hearing rap from america. well not really because music from america is everywhere here.

okay the best day of the week, SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!
i woke up and got all my clothes for the baptism ready and we left the house at 9am and that's when i started to memorize the baptismal prayer and i was memorizing it from 9am to 1pm which was the baptism. oh my gosh i was so nervous and i dont know why. but i got to baptize the mom and son, it was so amazing! i was so happy all day long. i never knew how happy i would be after a baptism. i was so blessed to have my first baptism be a whole family. it was so cool! =)
okay, later in the day it was funny, some teenagers started to throw stuff at us. (the kids in one area of my sector don't like us at all and they yell things and throw things but i don't care). my companion caught one of the things they threw at us and acted like he was going to throw it back and it scared them and they said "gringos can catch." it was funny. i caught everything they threw at me and just dropped it. but it was already the best day so they couldn't bring me down.
today the college in san felipe, their soccer team played for the national championship and won, on their way there they took out a power house college called colo-colo, it was a crazy day here. but not as crazy when they played for the championship and won it. everyone was going crazy. but it was so cool. now they get to go play all over south america.

well that was my week it was fun and the best one so far in my mission. well i hope everyone is doing good and i miss you all and love you all so much!

peace elder christensen

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  1. This is awesome! He is already doing so much work! Plus, I love the count down clock ;)


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