Monday, November 9, 2009

week end 11.8.09

hello everyone!

well once again i can't send pictures from this computer so you will have to wait until next week maybe.
well this week has been good.


on tuesday's we have zone teaching and that is always fun but boring at the same time.


nothing fun happened. lol


nothing fun happened again.


well today i had to travel to the mtc for new missionary training, and it was a 1 hour and 45 min. bus ride then 20 mins on the subway. its always fun to travel. but it was nice to see all the elders that i was in the mtc with. we shared stories from our first week, one of the got robbed all ready. so funny. but after that we had to travel back to san felipe.


i cant remember what happened.


well sunday was fun, not. i did not understand one thing that was going on at church so i was getting mad. 3 hours of hearing blah blaljksdhfasñldkfhasdfhñasdkfñ
saldfksffklsjhf. thats what it felt like. blah lol.

okay i can remember some of the experiences from the week. okay one of the doors we contacted a lady lived there with her kids and her kids came to the door and they went to get her and see came around the corner and her shirt wasn't quite on and her chest was showing it was a little scary. lol. all i could do was laugh. okay something every similar happened, we were teaching a lesson and this ladies shirt was hanging down really far and was showing pretty much everything, try teaching a lesson with that in your face, it sucked. and then her daughter sticks her hand down the moms shirt and yeah blah! that's all i have to say. another moment when you have to laugh. okay this was a funny one, we were contacting and this guy that doesn't like us very much walked past and yelled "LOOK" but in spanish, ("mire") and then flipped us off and we just smiled and said "oh okay" good times in the mission. this one happened last night. we went to the investigators house a man and his wife, their daughter served a mission and same with her husband. and they told us after the lesson that they were going to do the same thing and asked how did you get here. it was cool. okay with the parra family the dad didn't stop smoking so we had to push the date to this sunday so lets hope they will be ready. i am praying so hard for them.
well, you all are in my prayers. i miss you all. but i am loving this to much. lol

elder christensen.

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  1. "one of them got robbed already. so funny!" WHAT?!! Only McKade would write that.


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