Monday, February 21, 2011

week ending 2.20.11

Hey everyone,

Well this Sunday was one of the best Sundays ever because I got to see my convert Danilo bless the sacrament and he did it perfectly! He did it with Elder Mendez and told Elder Mendez that he was really nervous but it was great and they are doing so well. They haven't missed a day of church since they got baptized! That makes me so happy and they are still making plans to go to the temple so I have plans to come back to Chile! haha. Other people that I am teaching: one family I am teaching is a mom and a son, Cloudia and Maties - they are so great!  We talked about the apostasy and they didn't understand so I just came out and said with a lot of love that the only church you can have a baptism that means something to God is in the Church of Jesus Christ, we had a little kid that is a member with us and he said, "I thought that after Elder Christensen said that she was going to be so mad." - but she was like, "well, I guess I have to pray then."  I was so happy when she said that! so good!

This morning we had a sports day and it was really fun! I got to play soccer or, if you please, baby futbol. It's a court smaller than a basketball court and it is really fun. I am getting better at soccer so I think I might take up soccer when I get home. I also took my baseball glove and so did Elder Stark and I got to throw and it was amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing! I haven't gotten to throw a baseball hard and far for 2 months and for a baseball lover that is too much! haha. Then I played some volleyball that was fun, well I have to say I don't know how to play a sport with out talking trash, so I learned something. Note to self, learn how to play sports without trash talking! haha.

I hope that all is well with you all!  Thanks for reading and supporting me in my mission, I love every second of it! Have a good week!

Elder Christensen

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