Monday, July 26, 2010

week ending 7.25.10

Hey everyone,
This week was pretty sweet! On Monday we were knocking on some doors, oh man, such great fun - let me tell ya. But it was great when a lady and her daughter were like, "yeah come in." So we taught them and thier cousin and they all accepted to be baptized on the 15th of August so knocking on doors didn't suck too bad. This family is great - so if you could please add them in your prayers.  The family Ramirez. So we left that house and kept knocking some more on the same street just happy that we found that family. Like 10 minutes later another lady let us in and we taught her for about 15 minutes and she wanted to be baptized. Her name is Maria (like half of the women in Chile).  She is great and I am so happy that we could find her. Later this week we went back to the family Ramirez and the dad was there and we taught them the plan of Salvation and he wanted to be with his family forever so he wants to be baptized with his family the 15th. Oh man, it's so great to help families find the gospel.
I had a crazy experience, we had a feeling to go to see this guy during planning one night. Well, the next day we passed by the house and we didn't find that guy but we found a lady that is a less active member that has a son. To be short, they are poor her son is almost a vegetable and she lost her other son in the same accident. And on top of that they have had no food for almost 2 days. All she could do is cry to us and show us everything, man did my heart hurt but we did something right after we left. We went to the bishop and he acted right away, we went to the church and got a order form to get food from the bishop's store house (where they have stuff for people that need help). And we got some other people and went back to her house and we gave them blessings and oh man, it was a sad but amazing night. When we passed by 2 or 3 days later and she was so happy and just lovin' life and the amazing thing is that she made it to church with her son in a bad wheel chair. It's like a 20 minute walk. This lady is a champ. So we will just say that I had a good week.  haha.
I am starting to figure a lot of stuff out and I like it. I  will talk to you next week and I love you all.

Elder Christensen

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