Monday, May 10, 2010

week ending 5.9.10

Hey everyone,
First off I want to say, ¡Feliz dia de la Madre a todas! I am sure everyone understands that, if not that's too bad. lol. Well, I guess this was the best Mother's Day for my mom and family because they got to talk to me. I was like - you talked to me every other Mother's Day. Then I remembered that we hadn't talked for a long time. It was a good answer. haha. Well it was great to talk to my family and tell them hi. It's a lot easier and faster then this stupid emailing stuff but I am grateful that I get to email every week. 
Well this week was good. Carlos got confirmed and seems really happy so all we have to do is help him stay strong in the church and not lose his testimony. But he is a fun kid.
Last week we have been teaching a few people, and one of them that is progressing well is a family of 3, Carlos and Sofia and thier 3 month old baby girl Laura. Laura loves us so much and she always has a smile on, she is so cute I hope that we can help them get to church. They love talking with us and learning but they can't go to church because they have small store they own and they don't want to close it to come to church.  That's what we have been working on with them so if any one has an idea let me know. And please add them in your prayers. 
This week we had our mission conference and it was really good. We heard 4 talks, the son of President May came down with is wife and kids and we heard from them, the wife doesnt speak Spanish so a missionary translated for her and it was funny but she had a great message. And then we heard a lot about being obedient and it made me think about the things I could change to help me be more obedient, so we will see if I can change them. haha. Well I loved this week - I learned a lot and I loved talking to my mommy! lol
Thanks for all the prayers and support! Love you all!
Elder Christensen


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