Monday, April 25, 2011

week ending 4.24.11


Happy Easter to all! This week is a great week and a sad week because this computer won't let me send a photo to you all of my new companion. Yes, I was changed and now I am in a new ward as well. I am in the ward Zañartu, I will give anyone a dollar that doesn't know how to speak Spanish that can say that name. haha. It's in a place called Quilicura. I am really excited to be here and my new companion is from Nephi, Utah and his name is Elder Evans. He seems like a good guy and I am really excited to be here and I am still a District Leader so that is pretty sweet! haha.

This morning something happened that we shouldn't do but it was out of my power, Danilo came to see me and I signed a baseball that I had and he loved it. Oh mom, I need more baseballs, it's a sweet new gift for the people here. haha. And Danilo started to cry and I was like don't cry, you're going to make me cry and I don't cry I am a man. I was joking with him to make him smile so he would stop crying. haha. Well, I am happy it was the first time that I was not sad to be changed. I am still sad that I left all those people that are so sweet but I am happy to be here!

I also learned something really cool this morning, that the way of the Lord is the best way and the way of Elder Christensen is not the best way. The Lord knows best and He does what He thinks best. So I will go and do what the Lord commands and not complain about anything. haha.

Thank you all for your letters and your love, I feel the power of your prayers every day and I am really grateful for them. Have a good week!!

Elder Christensen

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