Monday, April 11, 2011

week ending 4.10.11

Hey everyone!
 This week ended really great! We had a baptism of Erick, he is such an amazing kid! I talked about him last week and now he his clean of all of his sins and really to get the Holy Ghost the next week. Also, Jordan was confirmed a member of the church yesterday - but his sister was sick and couldn't make it. I was sad about that but next week she will get confirmed.

All of Erick's family were able to come and see his baptism and they loved it so much and it was really cool! We sang I am a Child of God in English, and they all loved it. Everyone here wants to learn English and a lot of people think they know English but the only things they know in English are swear words. haha.

Another thing that was sweet: I was able to go work with one of the zone leaders, Elder Tialavea. That elder is so cool!  I learn so much from him and we worked really hard and I felt good about our work together. And I did something for the sisters of my district, they were really sick so I took them a lemon pie and cleaned their house while they were working and they were so happy. They are so great - some of the best sister missionaries I have met.

This coming weekend Marcela will be being baptized, and I would love if you could put her in your prayers. When we found her last month she was smoking 20+ cigarettes and yesterday she smoked 0! She is working so hard and making so much progress. She is in a wheel chair and everyone in their house smokes, so it's hard because she can't leave. But we pass by everyday to help her out and take her mind off of smoking. So if you can pray for her, she has been waiting so long for her baptism and she is the sweetest lady. I am going to be so happy for her on Sunday! Thanks.

This is Benjamin, the son of Danilo and Violeta. He is the cuteist kid, and says amen after the prayers. So cool! I love him!
 I love you all! Thanks for all you do for me. Thanks for all of your prayers. Have a good week!

Elder Christensen

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